Exportation and production Onshore Drilling Operation & EngineeringDrilling ServicesOnshore Structures DesignRigs, Drilling EquipWell Equip

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Offshore Drilling Operation & EngineeringDrilling ServicesOffshore Structures DesignRigs, Drilling EquipWell Equip

Wellhead Equip

Exportation and production Geology Geology, SeismicGeophysics, GeochemistryGeothechnology
Designing Automation, Instrumentation, Control DesignEnvironment Systems DesignPower Plant DesignPower Transmission Line, Substation DesignRefractory Materials Design

Roads Design

Utility & Mechanical Equipment Design

Consulting EngineersExploration Operation & ServicesField DevelopmentPetroleum & Reservoir Engineering


Refining and marketing Petroleum refining BitumenConsuming MaterialsIndustrial CoalOil & Gas Refinery Products
Petrochemical products Corrosion Protection MaterialsFire Fighting MaterialsIndustrial CeramicIndustrial DetergentIndustrial Lubricants

Paint, Adhesive, Resin

Petrochemical Base Products

Petrochemical Complex Design


Refinery Products Distribution


Solvent, Detergent, Chemicals

Sound, Heat & Moisture Insulators

Petroleum products Car Engine AdditivesIndustrial CarbonIndustrial SootPetroleum Products Export
Other material Anode, CathodeAnti-Corrosion MaterialsAnti-ErosivesAnti-Foam MaterialsAnti-Moisture Materials

Base Metals & Steel, Steel Parts


Coal & Coke

Construction Materials

Drilling Mud Ingredients

Industrial Film

Industrial Gases

Mineral Powders

Protective Coating Materials

Starch & Derivatives

Welding Electrodes & Materials


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HSE Companies
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Health & Safety services Medical servicesInsurance Companies & ServicesEmission Protection ServicesHazard controlFire Fighting Services

Security Services

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  Storage Inventory ServicesGas storage plantStorage Tanks and silos


Transportation General Transport General Transport Services
Air Transport HelicopterAirplane
Rail Transport  
Road Transport Bed TruckBulk Haul TruckMulti-wheel TruckSwamper TruckWinch Tractor
Pipelines Route selectionSurveying the routeClearing the routeInstalling the pipeInstalling valves, intersections, etc.

Covering the pipe and trench

Initial injection station

Compressor/pump stations

Partial delivery station

Block valve station

Regulator station

Final delivery station

Marine Offshore Structures TransportShipping ServicesMarine & Navigation Services


Equipment Machinery Blast, Paint, Coating MachineryCrane, Lifting VehicleFire Fighting VehiclePressing & Cutting MachineryRoad Construction & Civil Machinery

Storage, Transport, Conveyor Belt Equip

Power & Electronic Battery, InvertersCable, WireEarthing SystemsEmergency Power SystemsExplosion-Proof Electrical Equip


Lights, Projectors

Motor, Electromotor

Power & Electrical Components

Power Panel

Power Transmission Line Equip

Power Transmission, Telecom, Lighting Tower

Switching & Supplying Sources


Tray, Cable Ladder

Equipment Air Compression Equip

Air Cooler


Camping Equip

Cathodic Protection System & Equip

CNG Equip

Compressor, Turbo Expander

Construction Equip

Cooler, Chiller

Equip Manufacturing

Filing & Storing Equip


Flange, Washer

Furnace, Heater

Gear Box, Brake


Heat Exchanger

Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning Equip

HSE Equip

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equip

Industrial Control, Automation System

Industrial Equip

Industrial Tools

Instrumentation Tools

Lab Equip

Lifter, Escalator

Loading Facilities

LPG Products & Services

Marine Equip

Measurement Systems

NDT & DT Equip

Non-metal & Cement Pipe & Fitting

Nut, Bolt

Office Equip

Pig, Launcher, Receiver

Pipe, Profile, Steel Parts

Plastic Products

Polymer & Composite Products

Power Plant Equip

Pressure Tank, Tower

Procurement & Import


Rubber Products

Safety & Fire Fighting Equip

Steel Structure


Telecom & Communication Equip

Topography & Geomathic Equip



Vessel, Ship, Oil Tanker

Water & Sewage Industry Equip

Water & Sewage Purification Equip

Wire, Coil, Bead wire



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Onshore contractors Drilling Docks ContractorsLoading Docks ContractorsOnshore Pipelines ContractorsProduction Docks Contractors
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